Oct 7, 2009

“Whoa – what just happened?” Red said to himself as he regained his bearings.

He tried to look around, tried to move, but he couldn’t budge an inch. All he could do was stare straight ahead. Suddenly, to his horror, Red saw the rest of his family high above him slowly coming into focus.

“No, this can’t be.” He cried.

But it was true. Red was on the ground.

He’d heard this might happen. Rumors had recently grown from whispers to shouts amongst his brethren in the branches. They said their new color was a sign the end was near. But Red didn’t believe it - he couldn’t believe it.

“How could this be the end?” He scoffed at his friends, admiring his bright, new crimson coat.

He ignored all the talk - dismissed it as gossip.

The tales of aunts and uncles being shredded to bits by lawn mowers; the fables of grandparents being incinerated in roadside ditches; the horror stories of cousins being pressed between book pages or turned into compost – all so unbelievable.

Are you hooked, do you want more, to see what happens to Red. If so, then you must link over to Reflection and see how Lon continues on with this excellent entry :o)


  1. Very cool! Will check it out...

    be well...

  2. Hi Ken,
    Thanks ... but I think I'll leave this one be. I already know the end. Red ends up on a compost heap.

  3. That was cool. I started following him.

  4. Going to check him out now.


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