Oct 13, 2009

Pet Peeve - Obnoxious Cell Phone Use, Solved???

I know for one that I am getting really tired of how people use cell phones everywhere they go. Bathrooms, cars, restaurants, movie theaters, cars, restaurants, cars, restaurants... I know that there is a move afoot to potentially ban the use of cell phones in cars (at least for texting), since this has been proven to be more distracting than driving under the influence. The technology in this article also gives people and businesses another potential option to cut down on this distracting behavior.

Qualifier, if you are a courteous cell phone user, do not take umbrage. However; if you are one of those cell phone users that chats away on the freeway in the left-hand lane and are going below the speed limit, oblivious to anyone or anything around you; or if you are like Kenny Tarmac [Bob and Tom reference] and people within fifty feet of you can hear your side of your cell phone conversation - then please take umbrage :o)
This is news a lot of cheapskates aren't going to like, especially the kind of cheapskates who routinely poach on other people's wireless connection. There's now a paint you can use that will block Wi-fi from going through walls and into the arms of another, unauthorized, computer user. The University of Tokyo has developed a paint that is allegedly able to block radio frequency in higher spectra, where Wi-Fi and other, higher-bandwidth communications take place. Most Wi-Fi technologies operate at 2.4GHz; the Tokyo pain can reportedly block frequencies all the way up to 100GHz. A 200GHz-blocking paint is also in the works, according to this report.

Grumpy Wi-Fi owners might be rejoicing (presuming this stuff ever gets to the market, and isn't $100 a gallon). Likewise theater owners, who will surely be interested in squelching that pesky cell-phone problem once and for all (the paint also blocks in the lower frequencies that cell phones use.)


  1. i like the idea of signal blocking paint.


  2. Woa I did not think that such paint was needed. But I guess if you are paying lots of money for your connectivity you wont want someone using your space. And the worst part of those wireless connections is that they require a password. Do you know how many times I have lost my passwords. LOL

  3. The drivers on cell phones are the worst. Already after only a week, I have witness some of the worst trangressions of talking while driving.

    I would have thought that with the current technologies available, there would be more drivers with hands free phones. But it seems like the affluence here doesn't preclude thoughtlessness.

  4. I'm often asking what did people do and how did they survive without cell phones - Sarcastic remark. I hate to say I'm old enough to remember leaving the house without a phone and going to the grocery store, theatre or going anywhere for a few hours without being hooked up to a phone. I also remember people being more pleasant and polite to one another.

    Some technological advances aren't really advances at all. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. And the skies opened up and the angels sang! I can think of another place: the courtroom. I know you remember the time we were sitting in a courtroom--one with big signs in front of it saying that cell phone use was prohibited, and you could be removed from the courtroom for using one--and hearing one ring, some doofus in the back of the room getting up and going out to answer it. Ugh.

  6. I am happy to report that I have managed to train all three of our kids to never, never use the cell phone while driving. And in return, they don't let me use it while driving either. If it rings (only three people have my number outside of Paul and the kids)...my co-pilot answers and tells the person I cannot talk right now. :)


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