Oct 3, 2009

Can People Count On You?

Little mistakes that can do big damage to your credibility :o( Examples follow.

Breaking appointments or arriving late.

Being messy or disorganized.

Allowing personal matters to intrude on work time.

Failing to follow through on minor promises.

Keeping people in the dark about decision-making process.

Exhibiting body language that does not match your words.

Thinking out loud when others think you're making decisions.


  1. I hate being late. I will rather don't show up. Great Graphic concept.

  2. And people who justify letting personal matters intrude on work time always find justification for their lack of boundaries. It is like Chicken Little, and then when there IS a real emergency, they are not prepared for it and have to endure real consequence.

  3. I think the only one I tend to do is the last one, and as soon as I realize I'm "thinking out loud," I try to stop. All good points.


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