Oct 24, 2009

Ground Round Day :o)

Today, we went and picked up our side-o-beef. We have found this to be the most economical way to do beef.

The live weight was 1190 lbs, so our half would be 595 lbs. The hanging weight (that is what the processing is based on) was 368 lbs, and we ended up with 205 lbs of meat (91 lbs hamburger, 47 lbs roasts, and 67 lbs steaks).

So, for a freezer full of meat, we paid $3.85 per pound. The beef is raised by one of my friends at work and it is hormone free and very lean.

Life is good sometimes :o)


  1. What a great deal!

    In south Florida I have to wait until Hurricane Season is over in November to buy in large quantities. It is great to have a freezer full of meat and other frozen items. Saves so many trips to the store grocery shopping.

  2. Hi Ken,
    Wow ... it sounds like a staggering amount of beef but what a bargain. And since it's all frozen, it basically saves you time and money!

  3. Ken - great deal Enjoy!

    Beth - Watch out for the frozen beef. It's been trying to get you lately... lol

    be well...


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