Oct 29, 2009

Penny Wars - United Way - Win/Win :o)

Penny weight is 2.5 - 3.11 grams depending on issue year.

250 pounds would be 37,800 pennies

The weight of a 5 gallon jug to be 230 - 270 pounds

For our local United Way campaign at work, on aspect was "Change Wars". Each Department had a gallon jug, and pennies were positive, and any silver or paper money was negative. Challenges were made, piggy banks were emptied, and the WAR was on. So what were the results?

The "War" may be over but the "Change" will be lasting - Although technically, the Maintenance Department lost the United Way Change Wars with an ending balance of -$327.41 (which allowed Training to sneak into victory with a positive balance of $136.74), their challenge to the rest of the station helped raise a remarkable total department donation of $2,732.69. Overall, the War netted $5,537.32 for the United Way. Many thanks go out to all participants for their generous and spirited engagement, which will go toward bringing positive and lasting change to our community.

The real winner here is, of course, our community. Our Goal this year is $315K, and while we are not yet there, we are closing in :o)

Update on 10/29/09. We raised $331K and exceeded our goal. We rock :o)


  1. Good for you and your co workers!

  2. Good luck and great job!

    be well...

  3. Just got an update, we raised $331K, exceeding the goal :o)


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