Oct 5, 2009

New Technology - It Rocks :o)

Today, I got to turn in my work laptop for a new computer. It is a cute little "tablet", by Motion. It acts as a regular computer, when you hook up a keyboard, mouse, and bigger monitor.

The cool thing is that at work we have established a wireless network, and we can get a signal in most locations, and instead of printing out things to review, we can review on screen.

So if there are comments you want to capture, what do you do? Simple, you print the document to the Note/Journal page and make comments with the stylus. It is so cool!

Is that your computational device? Why yes it is...


  1. Neat! Very high tech!!! Snazzy! Enjoy!

    be well...

  2. My initial reaction was "Ooooo...I want one!" Not really practical for me, though, so I'll live vicariously.

    I applaud your company for trying to transition to using less paper. I hope this helps. Very cool computational device!

  3. too cool Ken! you lucky guy! hugggggggggggs and thanks for your comments recently

  4. That is so cool. Good luck to you. And the part that I love the most is what Beth said the fact that it helps with paper too, the less paper the better. I am also experiencing one of those moments where I am in love with technology. I have a Smart board in my art room and let me tell you the advantages are incredible. NOt only that, kids love to come to the smart board they relate so well to the device is amazing.

  5. I have a friend who is quite an accomplished artist, and he uses one of those to sketch out our ball costumes, Project Runway style. They are great drawings and it amazes me the way they look almost like watercolors!


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