Oct 6, 2009

I am Bucko, and I endorse this Entry :o)

The FTC has finally updated a long-overdue guide on endorsements and testimonials to address changes in technology and advertising mediums. The new rules are designed to bring greater truth and disclosure to blogs, TV ads relying on testimonials and social media. The updated guide has garnered the most press for its ruling that bloggers can be fined up to $11,000 if they don't disclose that they got cash or products for posting a testimonial. While most bloggers and respected word-of-mouth marketing firms have required this disclosure, the ruling and its large penalty should help consumers trust online reviews.

Disclaimer, I have not been paid to talk about Granite City Food and Brewery, I like their beer :o)

The FTC is also putting more stringent guidelines in place for celebrity endorsements via twits and such, and for products that showcase extreme results in weight loss and such - some truth in advertising versus just an asterisk that states "results are not typical". Click on over to WalletPop for the full entry.


  1. Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by anyone or anything therefore anything I say could be complete and utter.....fill in the blank~
    Wonder how the zealot (gasp, did I just write that?)Mommy bloggers feel about this?

  2. I saw this earlier in the day Ken. I'm pretty happy about this. I'm tired of running across blogs that are simply merchandise sellers posing as a blogger and bloggers reviewing items and not disclosing they are beholden to the company that makes the product. I'm not going to even comment on what I think of celeb swag endorsements.

  3. LOL I have no endorsement deals either... damn. ;-) Kidding!

    be well...

  4. Yeah, I saw this earlier, too. I think if I ever were to get a free product and asked to review it, I would most definitely include that fact as part of the review. That certainly seems like the common sense, truthful way to approach something like this.

  5. Oh Bucko I read this post yesterday, I did not know what to say, I was not clear as to what I was thinking. And I also have run into some bloggers that they are nothing but commercials. But for most part the ones in my blogosphere are pretty ok on this. I think.


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