Oct 6, 2009

Can You Multitask ?

Pay close attention to the opening directions and follow them :o)

I know I read recently that multitasking is not really possible. What you are really doing is switching from task to task quickly, we just are not wired to focus on multiple things.

We recently watched a version of this at work, and I could not believe the results.

I am curious, the first segment, tell me what you saw, please be honest.


  1. LOL ... no, of course I didn't!! It took watching a second time to verify that there was a moon walking bear!

    As I am out riding my bike, often I think that I am like that moonwalking bear ...

  2. HA! I got the number of passes right, but sure enough, I missed the moonwalking bear. (Which is funny all by itself.) That's amazing. I know at the lab, if you wanted to get the work done, you had to be able to multitask. It definitely made for a mentally exhausting day, because it's hard to keep that up all day.

  3. WOW! I totally missed the bear... but I did get the 13! LOL

    be well...

  4. Hi Ken, that was fun! I didn't get the 13(I missed one) or see the bear. I noticed something looked odd about that time in the movie, but my mind was focused on the counting, so the bear didn't register.

  5. I got the 13....missed the creepy bear. Interesting!

  6. i was too busy laughing at the bear to count,which explains why i have such a special understanding for some of my students.

    i cant multi-task, but i can have several dif things going on at once. when i get distracted at one i have to switch to something else or clean because sometimes i just cant look at the same thing for more than 5 minutes.



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