Oct 1, 2009

Chicago learns its Olympic fate on Oct. 2, when members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meet in Copenhagen to award the 2016 Games. Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are the other contenders, and boosters say the Second City has a fighting chance. First, it offers a compact proposal: about 90% of the athletes would compete within a 15-minute drive of the proposed Olympic Village site, not far from Chicago's downtown. Many events would take place in city parks, and most new facilities — including the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium, scheduled for the South Side's Washington Park — would be temporary, a strategy intended to avert the Olympics' worst legacy, expensive venues that sit idle for years. And then there's the Obama factor: the leader of the free world calls Chicago home and will personally travel to Copenhagen to pitch the IOC.

We have started saving for the 2016 Olympics, and plan on going where ever they are, but we are pulling for Chicago. Of course, we have never been to Rio de Janeiro, and the Olympics have never been to South America, so that would not be all bad either. Guess we will find out tomorrow :o)


  1. Ken I think I would be happy with Chicago or Rio.

  2. In line with you and Kyle ... would most DEFINITELY hang in Chicagoland with you, Beth and Kelly in tow!!

  3. I'm pulling for Chicago! C'mon, Windy City!

  4. I am hoping for Chicago!

    be well...

  5. Even thought i am a sport-phobic, I will go to Chicago just for that. It will be so nice for this administration also. So i will echo Beth Go on Windy City!
    BTW have I ever mentioned to you that your Nutwood Happy dance is of the hook. Does he ever get tire? Maybe he should take part in the Olympics.


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