Sep 14, 2013

Farewell Friend...

I played Shinedown during my workout today, and this song made me think of our friend Dana.  He passed recently, never getting back to his beloved New York.

We met Dana online, part of AOL journals, and corresponded for several years.  When the King Tut exibihit was in Philly, we went and visited Dana, and he was a fascinating man.

Farewell Friend...

Sep 1, 2013

State Theater, South Bend - Show and Tour Weekend

Friday night we headed over and picked up my Mom and headed to Downtown SB for dinner at CJ's Pub (great burgers) and talking and laughing.  Then it was over to the State for comedy fest.  In the words of our friend Andrew Elegante (Hey Drew), "My face hurts from laughing so much at tonight's comedy festival. Hope your face hurts too South Bend. Good night!" More about Drew in a minute.

Yesterday, it was off to the season opener for ND Football and they did not disappoint.  They had a solid victory, but they still have quite a bit of work to do.  I tailgated with my best friend and we always have fun at the games.  For more details, head over to her entry at Nutwood Junction.

Today, we redeemed the second of our two crowd funding gifts for the State Theater in South Bend.  Our first contribution was for a chair with our name on it, the second was lunch and tour with the renovation director Andrew Elegante.  We started with lunch at Bakers, which has much Studebaker Memorabilia on display (very appropriate for a downtown hotel), and we learned quite a bit about what Drew has been up to and up against in the efforts to renovate an old theater.  Then it was off for the tour which was fascinating.  Many rooms, nooks, crannies.  The theater was built in 1919 and has passed through many hands with each of them leaving their own mark, both good and bad.  Just a couple of pictures here since much of the neat stuff was only visible with a flashlight (I am sure Beth will have many more pictures as she had her camera with her).  

Tomorrow will be a quiet day at home, doing some work, mowing the lawn, and getting ready for another week at work.  Hope your long weekend was a good one!

Sunday Silliness - Revelation :o)

The downside of being ahead of your time is that your ruins might end up a playground for cavorting druids.