Oct 5, 2009

Tomato Storage

What is the best way to store tomatoes, whether you grow them yourself or buy them from the store? Here is a useful tip for storing your tommytoes :o)

At room temperature, out of direct sunlight, in one layer, with stem side up and plenty of space between them to let air circulate. Tomatoes will keep for up to four days. They should not be refigerated - chilling turns their sugars to starch, leaving the fruit mealy and less tasty.


  1. thanks for the post i will let allan know this

  2. Great tip!! Will have to keep in mind when making tomato slice sandwiches!!

  3. Yep, never put them in the fridge.

    I also just saw something in the paper about picking mature green tomatoes as you put the garden "to bed" for the winter. You can let them ripen indoors by putting them in a dark, fairly warm place.

  4. ok ok and do you and Beth make fresh sauce? huh? :) yummy!
    Hope your weekend was great ! come and visit again hugs,natalie

  5. I love tomato sandwiches although round these parts we call them mater sandwiches!


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