Oct 18, 2009

Do You Like Football? :o)

As any of you that read Beth and me know, we take our football seriously. On Facebook, one of my high school friends posted this, and I just had to share it with you, especially since I know that some readers are not really that into sports. The title is "3 Reason Women Don't Like Foot Ball." There are three separate clips, so keep watching until the end. I sure am glad that my little woman likes football :o)

Kind of a lazy morning, but about 2:00 PM, I headed out to get some yard chores done. I love this time of year, not to hot, and still sunny. A shirt and jacket (the jeans are a given :o), and you are good to go. Today's main task was to fire up the chainsaw and cut up a tree that fell across our marsh path. Then, as long as I had the chainsaw out, I cut down a bush and a tree that were on the edge of the path to allow me to mow it a little wider.

Next was to fire up the blower and clear the leaves from the deck, the driveway, the front yard, and part of the back yard. After a good two hours, I came in and had worked up a nice little sweat. There is nothing better to me than toiling on our property. I try and get at least one task done each weekend, but soon the snow will be here, and then it will be indoor tasks and some workouts in the garage.

Tonight will be Da Bears.

Hope your Sunday was pleasant as well.


  1. This is hilarious, and I'm posting it to Facebook.

    Thanks for your hard work today!

  2. Loved the video! I like football too.

    be well...

  3. Hi Ken,
    My Sunday has been running hot and cold ... it's foggy by the beach so every time the sun gets obscured, the temperature drops ... then goes back up. Very unusual for this time of year.

  4. Thanks for posing the video.Had a great laugh

  5. enjoyed the Video it really gave me a good Laugh :o) ~ Ally x

  6. That last clip was the best one and the one I can most identify with!

  7. The second one was hilarious. Great laughs Ken. Thank you!


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