Oct 25, 2009

She's A ManEater :o)

If you recall about a month ago, we went on a guided hike at a local Nature Conservancy location called Swamp Angel. One of the hikers was Botanist Scott, and we have started following him at Through Handlens and Binoculars, and based on an e-mail from him, I have started following him over at GetYourBotanyOn. We were fascinated by the carnivorous plants, and Scott has posted a couple of links to one found in Borneo that can/has digest rodents on the GetYourBotanyOn site. The PopSci site especially has a cool video of one of the pitcher tubes growing.

After watching the video of the new pitcher plant, I found the one below of a Venus Fly Trap plant. Spoiler Alert - it shows insects getting consumed :o)

Anyway, as I was watching the video, the maneater song started going through my head, so if it does for you, below is a video :o)


  1. Yeah, these are so freaky and cool.

  2. Ken, I'll send Stan over to take a look at this.

  3. This was so cool. I love this. I teach art and I always encourage my students to learn from science. This is one of the reason. Science offers so many opportunities to take risks and to advance.

  4. I adore Hall and Oates, and this is one of my favorite songs. It definitely works with this video. LOL!


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