Oct 31, 2009

Halloween - Real or Reality TV?

Octomom Nadya Suleman just cannot stand not being in the spotlight. Here she is shown with her Halloween costume, a pregnant Nun, wrong on so many levels. To make it even worse, perhaps even worse than Balloon Boy's parents, she dressed all eight of her kids as devils.

This week in Time, James Poniewozik had an article titled Lighter Than Arrogance. Below is a quote from that article that I think pretty much sums it up:

"Modern media did not invent greed, eccentricity or lust for attention. What they did is monetize them. There have long been odd families and obscure men pursuing bizarre theories and cobbling together flying machines in their backyards. But only in the reality-TV era has unstable behavior become a valid career choice. Only now are questionable parenting decisions the stuff of a lucrative family business."


  1. She's disgusting. Oh good grief, I just realized she has a sonnet of children - 8 and 6 lines are in a sonnet. 14 children in that combination!

  2. Happy Halloween! Hope it was a scary one!

  3. I find this woman loathsome and psychotic. Ugh.

  4. I sure HOPE that stomache is part of her costume!!

  5. I can't stomache OctoMom...it wouldn't surprise me if she was preggers again. She's a freak.


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