Oct 24, 2009

Science Scene - Greenpeace Changes Stripes?

At a recent United Kingdom roof-top protest and a full-page advertisement in The Times, Greenpeace appealed to leaders of all political parties to "Please steal our policies."

But for the first time, there was no explicit policy against nuclear power. Instead there were stipulations for any new coal-fired power plants to come with full carbon dioxide abatement, and for renewables to make up 15% of all energy.

Greenpeace will surely continue to speak up for renewables in preference to nuclear power and maintain its tough scrutiny of all matters related to nuclear power, but the change in its stance was welcomed as a "positive step".

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  1. I'm happy to see this Ken, though it is a little late on their part. Their stance on nuclear energy was the main reason I could never align myself with them, though I agree with them on many other issues. I have always seen nuclear energy as simple way to give our nation energy stability, while we build a renewable energy structure to give us, what I consider to be, ultimate energy freedom.

    I have always thought environmentalists made a mistake in not supporting and further developing nuclear energy and nuclear waste containment. Hindsight is always 20/20. I think their main focus should have been oil and coal, because of their immediate climate impact, which was always a secondary issue for GreenPeace.


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