Oct 1, 2009

Cell Phone Charger Improvement :o)

Cell-phone chargers will be standardized by 2012? Seventeen wireless handset manufacturers have agreed to make interchangeable chargers that will work for the majority of new cell phones. That would be really awesome, I know I have had to get several new charger connections over the past several years as I have changed phones and carriers.


  1. Woa is that the best product design that they can think off? Where was Apple in all of this? Good thing though horrible visual concept. It look like something you will find on a porn shop.

  2. Love the fact that they are finally getting their collective acts together, but the design looks horrible. maybe it's just a prototype?

    Marcos, I agree with you. I can see that sitting in a porn store package.

  3. LOL! That IS a rather...funky...design. But having a universal charger would be great. Why hasn't anyone done this before?

  4. That would be great to have the chargers unfied, I'd like to see the same happen with the batteries. I've had such a hard time finding a battery for the cell phone I loved. I finally got a new one - even though the phone I had was only a year old. I HATED the new phone. After much searching I FOUND a battery and I'm once again a happy camper.


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