Oct 3, 2009

Be Still My Heart - ND Squeaks Out Another :o)

It was a dreary day today here in South Bend. We decided to skip the tailgate today since it rained most of the morning. So we put on a couple of layers of clothes (it was in the mid-50's), packed up our rain ponchos, grabbed our seat cushions, and headed out to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish stadium for some pigskin action.

We were about five rows from the top, but there really is no bad seat in the house. We were able to see a couple of goal line stands by the Irish at our end of the field, and those turned out to be the game winner. Now, when I say a couple of goal line stands, that was back to back, that's right, two first and goals at the one yard line and they held both times. It was awesome.

At halftime, the ND Band played three songs, and then the victory march. The ND band's first reference is in 1846 and they are considered the oldest college marching band in the nation. They have playing at college football games for 122 years. Today, they played the Styx song "Come Sail Away" and did a moving sail boat, the Bangles song "Walk Like an Egyptian" [that is the formation you see at the right], a modern dance song we did not recognize, and then closed with the Notre Dame Victory March. They were having a lot of fun, and it was a joy to watch.

The rain held off for the first half and for halftime, but then it rained in earnest for the entire third quarter and most of the fourth. We had our ponchos, the temperature was not bad, and the wind was not blowing, so it was very tolerable. At the end of the fourth quarter and for the overtime, the rain stopped, and we were able to uncover our heads, and pull our hands out from under our ponchos and cheer and clap for the Irish.

We were seated next to the Washington fans, known as the Huskies, and that was interesting. There were enough lead changes that when they scored, they would do there Huskies Dog Whoop, and when we took the lead back, we imitated their Whoop right back. Needless to say, both of our voices are shot (I am a lucky man for the next couple of days LMAO :o).

We had fun, and it was great to see the Irish win in overtime. That is three weeks in a row that they won the game in the closing minutes. It sure takes its toll, I hope we can win a few games by a couple of touchdowns or so, like in the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Hope your teams did well today, and if you are not a football fan, hope you had a great Saturday anyway :o)


  1. My voice is shot, so you're a lucky man? Oh, hardy har har. :) Great win, glad we went to this game!!

  2. OUCH! Ken never say never to a woman. I heard it somewhere if a woman whispers in a man's ear it either creeps him out or gets him to do her bidding.

    It does sound like you both had a delightful time! (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Hey, I'll happily trade teams! Mine (UNC) appears to be slowly circling the bowl.....Last weekend they recorded a stat that may be a record: they ran a total of four offensive plays in an entire quarter.

  4. dear Ken
    So glad that you and Beth had such a wonderful time!
    Sounds terrific!


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