Oct 31, 2009

Partisanship at its Prime

The Michigan Legislature at work.

The person speaking is Republican, and the majority in the House is Democratic, so they can carry their agenda on their own.

So, here are some tax dollars at work as two play solitaire, one checks out baseball scores, and another is on Facebook.

This is an atrocity, and we need to stand up and demand more from our legislaturers!


  1. I think the voters need to remember who these people are and vote them out of office.
    We need to remember that these people work for us, and I, for one, don't think my employtees need to be playing solitaire on the job.

  2. Geeze, that is such a slap in the face to taxpayers. I doubt they will even feel ashamed of their actions.

  3. i saw this on the news the other day and thought pretty much the same thing.


  4. I can't take that seriously right now Ken -- I'm too busy playing solitaire! ;)

  5. Our state legislature does not allow laptops to be open and in use on the floor. Of course, some of them still daydream


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