Oct 23, 2009

Tomorrow Is Make A Difference Day, Can You Help?

Tomorrow is Make A Difference Day.

Sometimes contributing to a sustainable community is as simple as neighbors helping neighbors.

That’s the idea behind Make a Difference Day, celebrated nationally the fourth Saturday of each October. Observed this year on Oct. 24, this "national day of doing good" is sponsored by USA WEEKEND Magazine in partnership with the HandsOn Network.

Last year, 3 million people volunteered on thousands of projects in hundreds of towns around the nation.

This year, we contributed some fleece clothing to help those that will be struggling with the cold this winter.

It can be as simple as going through your closets and getting some things to donate to those less fortunate. Hope you get a chance to do something to help :o)


  1. I have clothing going out today for the homeless...

    be well...

  2. I have alot of items to donate - I'll make it a post make a difference contribution since I won't get it done today. Nice idea, I hadn't heard of this before.

  3. Thanks for writing about this. I'll do it.

  4. While it is a lovely idea, I pray it be carried out day after day in hundreds of little ways as we go about our lives and see opportunities around us.


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