Oct 28, 2009

Bucko's Bucks - What Stocks to Buy

It has been a while since I have posted a Bucko's Bucks entry.

Back in May, in my now deleted Bucko's Bucks blog, I made an entry that discussed three potential recovery models.

The first was the "V", a quick turnaround. This fund "IYW" that I invested in was focused on technology, financial, and retail. My rule of thumb has been, 20% or more gain, sell. I have sold this one.

The second recovery model was the "U", a prolonged recovery. This fund "XLV" is focused on Emerging Markets, Health Care, and Corporate Bonds. This fund is positive, but in the less than 5% range.

The third and last recovery model is the "W", back to back recessions. This fund "IXC" is focused Treasuries, International Stocks, and Energy. This fund is positive, but is less the less than 5% range.

If you have been following the market over the past few months (with the exception of this past week), we have recovered 30% since the market bottom in March. So, if you were an investing person, where would you invest?

My investments are: Alcoa, ABB LTD, AIG, China Fund, Chevron, Ford, General Dynamics, General Electric, Home Depot, Hewlett Packard, IXC, Mcdonalds, Spyder Trust, AT&T, and XLV. I have recovered from the market bottom by selling Acuity, Pfizer, and IYW. Currently, I am down about 3% based on the losses this week.

Recent issue of Kipplinger agrees with Bucko on Alcoa, AT&T, Chevron, Hewlett-Packard, and McDonalds.

Kipplinger also recommends 3M, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, ExxonMobil, IBM. Johnson&Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft (Bucko recently sold), Pfizer (Bucko recently sold), United Technologies, and Walmart (Bucko sold last year).

So, tell me, where do you recommend investing???


  1. I admire anyone who has the insight, the fortitude and the nerves of steel to control their own investments. I admit that there are many things I know next to nothing about: competitive investing would be one of them. I pay a percentage to let someone else handle my pittance. Atypical, in my otherwise 'control my own destiny' view of the world. But I would SO screw it up if I played the market. Good luck.

  2. I think I will piggyback on your advice and mirror your choices but only in according to my own specific interests and goals. You remind me of one of my instructors during my stint with higher education!!

  3. ooh, where do I think there is going to be a lot of growth?? I think that investment in Green technology is going to be an area where money could be made.


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