Oct 25, 2009

It Is Official, They Are Crazy :o)

Well folks, you have been following the trials and tribulations of the schoolmarm and the auto-line worker. Are they simpatico? Will they get along? Will they find love in this fucked up world [that one is for you MissA]

We were Blogger friends with Miss Alaineus before she met Mr. Mischief, and have witnessed their budding romance. Beth and I offered encouragement where we could, because after all, we met on-line and were engaged four months later, so we knew anything was possible.

And today, we learned the Good News, they are officially engaged :o) So, go on over to Mr. Mischief and Miss Alaineus and give your congratulations. I know that at Nutwood Junction, we could not be happier. Are they crazy, I say yes, Crazy In Love. Congratulations you two!


  1. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the heads-up ... I don't know them but I'll go visit to congratulate them!

  2. It was a mix of dyslexia and tourettes, I really was asking if my face seemed too hairy, but it came out "will you marry me"...I'm gonna roll with it though ;P

  3. i may have said this before but it bears repeating- you and beth have been excellent role models for me about how having the courage to break away from the past and all the collective disappointment can really make a difference. i think all y'all are as big a part of my recovery from MYSELF and my own lowered expectations as my support group. thank you again for your honesty and kind guidance. thank you.


  4. As you know, I couldn't be happier for them. (You saw my happy tears today when we read the news.) I am smiling for them and the many years of happiness and togetherness they have ahead of them! Yay!

  5. Miss alaineus go girl. You got it going on. Good luck always. Bucko you are something else. Kudos.


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