Aug 11, 2009

Would you poke a bear, or....

THREE RIVERS — Authorities say a man has been arrested in Three Rivers for barking at a police dog. The Three Rivers Police Department says officers responded Monday evening to an apartment complex to investigate a suspicious situation. Police said Wednesday in a statement a 26-year-old man in the area “began to torment” a police dog inside the patrol car by barking and shouting at it, causing the animal to become excited and “very aggressive.” The man was arrested and later released on bond. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct.

So, which dog do you think he faced? :o)


  1. I think people who (intentionally) torment animals like that, ANY animal, SHOULD have some penalty to pay... they're stupid.

  2. Too bad the human officer didn't release the canine officer to take care of this dumbass. What is wrong with people?

    I love the picture of the canine cop driving the car. It makes me giggle. I might have to save that one!

  3. They say you can't fix


  4. Too bad the dog couldn't get a hold on his a$$. Now THAT would have been funny!


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