Aug 16, 2009

Summer Sunday :o)

Warning, grossness ahead :o)

How do you know you had a productive day? - You know it is a productive day when you can smell your own sweat. That was my early afternoon adventure today :o)

We got a decent start on the day, getting up around 9 AM. After reading the paper and getting caught up in the blogosphere, it was out to take care of the yard work.

It has been so hot here this week, with no rain, that things are drying up nicely. We have eleven acres, about six of which are marsh, and when things have been wet like this year, I can not cut the wildlife path we have established. Today, I was finally able to get the circle completed (after last weeks cuts on the legs, I headed out with jeans on today). To get the path re-established, I had to make six passes with the cutting deck at its highest position.

We also have two half-whiskey barrels near the house that we have tried to grow Morning Glories, but that has been hit and miss, especially since we had the new garage built. So we decided that we would move them. The first step in that movement is to find a new place for the recycling bin, so I made a little patio and driveway for the bin. As I was building the patio, the heat and humidity started to take their toll, the lack of movement caused the sweat to pour. It took me long enough to get the little patio and driveway built that I did not relocate the half-whiskey barrels relocated. That will be an activity for another day :o)

We really enjoy watching Tiger play in a major tournament, so I headed to the showers at about 2:30 PM. Another measure of a productive day in the yard is when I hit the shower and there is a dirty river going down the shower drain. As the dirt and sweat roll off me, I feel invigorated.

I love doing yard work in the heat of the summer, it is satisfying on several levels :o)

Hope you had a great Sunday and are in a positive frame of mind for the coming week.


  1. I cleaned my patio today in 93 degree heat...I can't say I enjoyed the sweating as much as you did today!

    I'm exhausted........see the difference in age means a lot..........I don't feel invigorated. LOL

    Hugs, Rose

  2. I am glad that you had a productive day!

    be well...

  3. A good day, and I did my share of sweating, too!

    Gee, first the garbage can gets its own patio, now the recycling bin. These bins have got it good around here! :)

  4. It does sound like a productive day. I smell like sweat & a horse everyday....I don't get quite the satisfaction out of it anymore like I once did. LOL.

  5. Well done!!! Hubby's outside mowing was severely shortened now that he has the ridin' mower! He loved it. Instead of spread out over a few days he got it all done in one. Legs sunburned though. lol Hope you have a good positive work week too.

  6. Hi Ken,
    Sounds like somewhat of a "working weekend." Yuck ...


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