Aug 21, 2009

Ketchup Day :o)

I decided to take the day off from work today to address some previous storm tree damage. On Monday, we had a front go through, and one of our front yard trees started to fall, but another tree interfered. However, the rather good sized limbs (2-3") were resting on the power line coming into the house.

Did not want to let that situation linger, so we called the power company, and based on weather forecasts, decided on this morning to have them come out and drop the line. The plan was to use the ladder and extendo-saw to trim the limbs and reduce the risk.

So this morning, to get in the spirit, I put on my SawIV T-shirt and headed out. When the power company (the same one I work for :o) guys showed up, I found out that their drop the line meant to actually disconnect the end of the power line and coil it up - not just open the disconnect. When we went out to assess the situation, they volunteered to trim the branches and fall the tree, much easier than disconnecting and reconnecting the drop to the house.

So, after less than an hour, and some good chatting up my fellow company workers, they were on their way to the next job, and we were off for several hours of work to chainsaw and stack the downed tree. A great morning, with a better than expected outcome.

So, after showers and such, we are chilling this afternoon, getting caught up on some bills and future blog entries, and sliding into the weekend, which is weather forecast to be awesome. May your weekend be awesome as well :o)


  1. The Saw T-shirt really was a nice touch. ;)

  2. I so enjoy when intentions are met with even better than intended resolutions! Good for everyone all around!!

  3. Hi Ken,
    Sounds like you were able to take care of that tree with minimal risk to life and limb ... enjoy the weekend. There's a strange rumor we might actually get rain here today ... we'll see ...


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