Aug 2, 2009

Happy Weekend To You :o)

Weekends always seem to pass to fast, and there seems to inevitably by things that do not get done. Lucky for me, this weekend, it is work-work that took the hit :o)

Yesterday, we headed to Beth's folks place to return the garage sale tables, and got them unloaded just before a steady rain hit. It rained for a couple of hours, but cleared up at home just in time for me to BBQ some turkey thighs. If I do say so myself, I have mastered this grill, and we have some mighty tasting tidbits. Tonight is steak and potatoes and onions in the barbie, and a big salad with Blue Cheese dressing - YUM!

We had a really nice visit yesterday with Beth's folks, talking about family, road trips, retirement, and their potential moving into a smaller place.

Today, it was a bright and sunny day, it was wonderful. Our early focus was taking the bunk beds to Sister Susie. Knowing that we had a full plate, I mowed the lawn before we headed out, got cleaned up, and headed out about 12:15. Beth and Susie got to visit, and I set up the bunk beds. It went pretty smoothly :o)

Then we headed around the bend (South Bend that is) and sat outside in the bright sunshine for a couple of hours with my folks. Much laughing and chatting was done by all.

I am pleased to report, all in all, both sets of folks are doing swimmingly :o)

We got home tonight in time to watch Tiger win the Buick Open, he is such a great player.

Well, that is about it, time to go fire up the barbie and grill some steaks. Hope you had a nice weekend, and that your week goes fast. I know mine will, and I have a three day weekend looming, so all is well :o)


  1. The turkey thighs part reminds me of going to Animal Kingdom at Disney and seeing people walking around eating turkey legs..odd. So now I am picturing you & Beth wandering around Nutwood with big turkey thighs wrapped in tin foil...maybe not.
    Sounds like some nice family, grilling and golf time. ~Mary

  2. Sounds like a great weekend to me. Glad you enjoyued it.

  3. LOL at Mary's comment! I might have to try to find some turkey legs so we can go all medieval on them. And yeah, Ken has really got this grilling thing down--the steaks tonight were perfect! Thanks for a great weekend, HP!

  4. Glad you had a good weekend! I did too! Glad all the folks are well! Tiger was awesome...

    be well...

  5. LOL, I get the medevial picture when I think of turkey legs. People ripping & tearing at the meat with grease running down their chins. It sounds like nice visits with all the folks and you guys sure do eat good!

  6. Hi Ken,
    I really like the sunshine graphic ... reminds me of Raisin Bran!


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