Aug 30, 2009

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

Wow, is the weather wonky lately. We made it up to a whopping 68 degrees today, very unusual for Indiana in August.

After our foray to GCFB yesterday, we decided to have a light dinner of popcorn and a Klondike Bar (What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar ???),

and we watched Scanners. In todays age of CGI, it was subtle, but in its day it was leading edge.

Today was a quiet morning, spots of sunshine and yet bouts of overcastedness (my own word :o) I headed out about noon for a quick weight workout, and then on to mow the lawn, trim some trees in case we can play horseshoes next weekend, do a spot of weedwacking, and work on the marsh path. Always good to get some outside time in, especially when the sun started shining for real for the last 30 minutes.

Currently watching Barclay's and Tiger, while he is not in the lead, he is honing his game, and there are three more events left for the FedEx Cup :o)

Beth is making enchiladas, and we are going to have some Sangria, and watch Da Bears.

Hope your Sunday is going well and that you are getting ready for another week in the grind.


  1. popcorn = yankee supper!

    it was cool and rather fall-like here today. I hope it stays on the cool side- it does make it a lot easier to transition to 'school' when it's not 85+ degrees outside.


  2. Pretty cool here as well. Was that one shared Klondike bar, or did you spring for two? ;)

    Hope you relax now & enjoy the Bears.~Mary

  3. A good day, even though Tiger didn't win. Since we don't have sweet treats like that very often, those Klondike bars were SO GOOD. Heath Bar coating, people.

  4. They say this has been the coolest summer/year in over a hundred years..I only hope winter isn't that bad this year *shudder*

  5. Hey WHAT grind man? LOL this is as close to perfect as it gets, you and Beth. No really. So 68 in August Indiana is odd, try Jersey at over 100. Humidity thrown in for free. (It's not the heat it's the HUMANITY - made that up lol) Stay sweet :-)

  6. Love Klondike bars. Sounds to me like a great Sunday.


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