Aug 27, 2009

Aspray - See it to believe it :o)

Perhaps the most offensive infomercial you'll ever see is an advertisement for a spray that claims to be able to prevent butt-stink and every other odor no single deodorant would dare to tackle."Aspray goes where other deodorants can't. Aspray your butt," the announcer boasts. "Aspray under your arms. Aspray your feet. You can even Aspray your privates."Then, to top it off, a woman is shown crossing her legs and spraying her crotch, followed by this line:. "Aspray is safe for all your odor zones."MSNBC told The Washington Post the network aired the commercial once in the overnight hours and will never air it again. Instead, it is a sensation on YouTube.

The "Doc Bottoms Aspray" -- it's pronounced A-spray, though most certainly intended to be remembered for an alternative pronunciation -- seems more like a Saturday Night Live skit than a real product.

Case in point, the commercial includes a supposed testimonial from sweaty contractor "Lanny F.," who proclaims in animated fashion, "I've got odors in special places," later noting: "My butt."You can get two Aspray containers for $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling each. That brings the total to $30.85. But wait, there's more. You also get the "Pocket Shot," which we're told is "Perfect for on the go or give it to your smelly friend."Charming.And there you have it: the special recipe for getting a product noticed for the depths it has plummeted. The best part is all this publicity is free -- a big savings over the cost of airing an infomercial.Oh yeah, it is good for a laugh, too.

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  1. It DOES look a like a Saturday Night Live skit! Are we sure it's not a joke?

  2. It is too early in the morning for a near porn stink commercial ... LOL

  3. Sort of viewed it on aol too much info for me!

  4. "Doc Bottoms?" I'm skeptical. I think this may be a joke.

  5. if nothing else Ken it gave me a smile ~ :o)

  6. O ye of little faith. Here's their website.

  7. Oh my.........LOL

    You mean good old soap and water taking a shower is not enough????

    This is a hoot!

  8. Oh good lord..the things people invent to just get around being

  9. Hi Ken,
    Now I've seen everything. Thanks!


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