Aug 19, 2009

We are what we eat :o)

I found this cartoon amusing on several levels.

First, I know some people who obviously must snack on legumes, and they absolutely are what they eat :o) Beth and I were laughing tonight because we love our dry roasted peanuts, and we articulated that there are good nuts and bad nuts :o) We like to believe that we fall into the first category.

Second, in a recent edition of Time Magazine, there was an article that talked about exercise and losing weight, and one point that stuck out to me is that a pound of fat burns two (2) calories per day, and a pound of muscle burns four (4) calories per day. So that means that if you put on 10 pounds of muscle, you will burn a whopping 40 extra calories per day. I know that my workouts have lulled me into a false sense of security. The true key is to watch what you eat, and to not let any exercise program (aerobic or weights) make you believe that you do not need to watch the intake (a single muffin after a 30-45 minute run will wipe out the exercise gain). I know this was a real eye opening read for me.


  1. I haven't read the article yet, but we've both definitely been staying away from the sweets for some time now.

    Good nuts and bad nuts...yep. Just like there's good crazy and bad crazy. ;)

  2. I think you guys fall in to the good nut category!

    I guess alot of folks I know must eat crabs, LOL.

  3. Bad Nuts can cause many deflects! HA

  4. Hi Ken,
    Funny cartoon ... but I think it's actually true: People really are what they eat. I've been reading this book -- "Healthy at 100" -- and there's a lot of evidence to suggest that you can live a lot longer (and healthier) by eating certain foods, including certain nuts, by the way.

  5. I kept that one out since last week or whenever it was on my calendar! I love it!

    be well... (love our nuts too)

  6. good nuts and bad nuts


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