Aug 22, 2009

Inside Out :o)

Mid-August is supposed to be outdoor time, where you neglect internal chores, and have fun and sun. Today did not cooperate with that paradigm, and instead was rainy and gloomy, and for Beth, even a bit chilly.

Fortunately, we had some shopping that needed to be done, and we only got rained on once :o) My stroll into the plant has proven to be quite demanding on the "hush-puppies", so the first stop was to get me some new shoes (my last two pairs now reside in the landfill, subject of worn out soles). Then it was on to Target to get candy for the CandyMan jar I keep at work, some new reading glasses (having them clipped to my badge at work has taken its toll on the first pair), and a new rug for the kitchen (our tile has some cracks, so it was time to cover them up). Then it was a quick stop at the grocery store to restock the beer supply, and to Aldi's to refresh some canned goods and to get some frozen fish.

Once we returned home, I was able to weatherize my two new pairs of shoes before the clouds released their moisture again. So, with the blogosphere being quiet, I tackled two indoor projects that have been haunting my weekends.

The first was to put new carpet on Sheeba's scratching post vertical riser, the original gave up the ghost and was down to the matting - so off with the old and on with the new from some scraps we have in the basement.

Then it was on to moving the weight bench from the basement to the garage, hanging some workout mirrors, and doing some minor re-arranging to facilitate clear paths to the beer fridge (see it in the picture?).


  1. I don't think Sheeba has noticed the new carpeting on his scratching post yet, because he's been quite fascinated with the new rug in the kitchen!

  2. workout mirrors

    Oh, ken you sly dog-
    (Beth- can you observe without being noticed?!)

  3. I am impressed that you used your indoor time to actually accomplish tasks. My tendency is to read, watch movies, and nap on rainy days, and then lament how I've wasted an entire day.

  4. a beer fridge, huh? Totally cool.

    i can not get Rick to do a damn thing this weekend. But he did say he wants to shop Aldi's tomorrow. We never go there but when we do they have some interesting things.


  5. Hi Ken,
    I'm impressed once again ... one week it's patios for your garbage cans, the next it's wall to wall carpeting for a scratching post. You're making me feel like a class-A couch potato!

  6. I love that the workout equipment is right in front of the beer fridge! That is ergonomic space planning at it's finest.
    That's about the only exercize I get from my workour equipment- moving it around the house!

  7. Amazing how similar your day was to ours. Only a few different errands. But we have a fridge in our basement too...and we also did the restocking at a new beer store in our town. We love it. They let you do "pick 6" pick your six for a six pack. lol Our day was sunny mostly...and it was a comfortable cool as we rode around doing errands yesterday with the windows down. Have a good Sunday.

  8. Mirrors in the workout room? That can be scarey. Rain here and on. Here we are at the end of summer, school starts soon.


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