Aug 22, 2009

Truth-O-Meter :o)

While I certainly have no shortage of falsehoods to be truthified (new word and a tribute to President Bush), alas, this is not about that.

This is more of a public service announcement - take a look at my sidebar ----------> and you will notice a new widget. I read this morning about a site called, and you can subscribe or widget-up.

The site is run by the St. Petersburg Times, and is a place to check the political facts vs. the half-truths vs. the "pants on fire" statements floating out there.

The article in our paper this morning indicated that many reporters and editors fact check the political statements made, and this site appears to be fairly bipartisan.


  1. Good site, and I've added it to my "political" file. I usually use Snopes or Factcheck, which are also good sources. This will add to my arsenal. Heh heh....

  2. Great site, I checked it regularly during the presidential campaign.


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