Aug 24, 2009

Twofer :o)

After moving the weight bench up yesterday, I did not feel like getting up this morning to workout (note to self, get over it and get up in the morning and workout :o)

So I made a pact with myself today to come home and do something outside since the weather was so awesome. I put in nine hours today, came home and spent some quality chat time with my bride, and then headed out to relocate the whiskey barrel planters.

It is so refreshing to do things after work, and is was enough that a shower was required. Of course, I paid the price and had to do an hour of work-work to keep things moving. I am hoping to have one or two Twofer days a week, it is very satisfying to get into the yard and do some improvements.

Hope your Monday was tolerable, and that Tuesday is even better :o)


  1. We're holding out for cooler weather before we start getting the yard/garden ready for the fall/winter. I love yard work because it is such a great workout AND the results are a beautiful yard. Twofer! :)

  2. Hi Ken,
    LOL ... a twofer! Right now my twofer is work, then more work, then waiting to have a business dinner. Hmmm ... maybe that's more of a threefer.

  3. Sorry I didn't help much more than taking off the wire around the barrels...the mosquitoes were descending on me!

  4. Aw, ain't that sweet of Beth! That would mean as much to me as the actual 'sweat investment'! I am so looking forward to having the same 'problem'!

  5. That's ambitious! Good for you! I'm still trying to accomplish a Onesie. :-)

  6. And, you can vent the days frustrations while improving the looks of your home! It works for me.


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