Aug 15, 2009

Not Now, Later :o)

Today was advertised as an ozone action day, so I knew it was not going to be a yard-work day. The Sheebster came in and made sure that we had an early rise and shine, so it was paper read, blogs read, Facebook reviewed, and e-mails deleted by 9 AM.

Then it was on to bill payments, including our license plates, so that is always a sobering moment. We also e-mailed our realtor friend in New Smyrna to find out when we can book the time share for next summer with Kim and Steve, and she replied September - so it was off to pay the maintenance fees for 2010 (that was not expected this month).

Knowing I wanted to watch Tiger in the PGA championship, I headed out to the bank, the post office, the liquor store, and the gas station (truck and mower gas, $85 :o(

When I got back and got the mail, our Notre Dame football tickets were in the box, we are ready for the opener on September 5th, and Washington on October 3rd. We also have reserved tickets for the Navy game on November 7th, but those are coming via a co-worker, so do not yet have tickets in hand. Also, yesterday I sent the check for our January 3, 2010 Bears against the Lions game in Detroit (it has been many years since either of us have been to a pro-football game, so we are excited, $40 each for bus and tickets, thanks employee's club :o)

After getting home, it was time to book our next vegecation, which we have determined will be a timeshare exchange in Cabo San Lucas, MX. It is a beautiful resort, and we get to stay for the week for $154 (thanks Interval International :o) It was then on to book airline tickets, not too bad, and the flights are not too early, although both ways are two stops.

So today was more about the future than today, it is nice to have things solidified and some things to look forward to.

Hope you are having a great day, and an even better tomorrow.


  1. when you come for the lions v. bears game we will have to get together in greektown or mexicantown for some food and beverages! i dont go back to work until the 4th. mark j can come and we can have a michiana blogger expo!


  2. Sounds like a stellar day... lots of fun stuff coming up!

    be well...

  3. It was a fun day of planning, but a painful one in the pocketbook! (Or wallet.) Still, fun to look forward to some fun stuff this fall!

  4. I love planning for vegecations! That's why I worked for an online travel "agency" for several years. However, I really love planning my own. I wish I could plan another trip back to Mexico - Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara ... I'm open to any at this point. :-)

    I've only seen Notre Dame play once in person and that was when I was a teen. I don't remember much of the game, I just remember seeing LOTS/TONS of goodlooking GUYS at the game. Hey, remember I was a TEEN at the time. I do know WHO they were playing - Purdue.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Since Alaina has volunteer me, I will be looking forward to seeing you guys when DA Bears come to town!!

    The Irish has a very manageable schedule ... the only for certain beatdown is against USC. I think that State is going to nip ND too. Apparently the Spartans have cicrled ND for most of the decade and I think this season they will be a sneak top ten team!!

  6. Reading this made me realize I've really got to get off this farm someday! You guys have so many cool things to look forward to!


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