Aug 13, 2009

Got Your Back :o)

When I first saw this cartoon, I thought of Detroit Mark, and how he did not want us travelling to his neighborhood; then thought about his bike accident(s), and it all became clear - you need to look forward [Just Teasing Mark].

Then, as I further contemplated this cartoon, it made me think deeper. It makes me thankful that I am one who continuously looks to the future, and to re-emphasize how important it is to not dwell or obsess about the past.

Hope this finds you looking forward and outward :o)


  1. Love the cartoon. I always look forward too, no need dwelling on what cannot be undone.

  2. Ahhh... and you see, having a son with Asperger's Syndrome, it made me think about someone who really wouldn't understand that it was a figure of speech, as my son had to learn them by rote and memorize their meanings and still has difficulty every once in a while when a scarcely used one pops up.

    It's all relative huh?

    be well...

  3. I think Mark will find that amusing. :)

    It's so true, though. We've all known people who just can't let it go. They're so obsessed about things that happened in the past that they can't enjoy their present and seem incapable of planning for the future. I'm glad we're both optimists, because it's fun to think about things to do and plans to make for the years ahead!

  4. I have a totally different idea about "watch your back." I knew a guy who had a good secure job and felt okay about criticizing the people he worked with. Eventually they all ganged up and behind his back they took their complaints about him to the boss. The guy walked cheerily into the boss's office one day and got sacked. He wasn't watching his back.


  5. I agree Ken ~ Look to the future is good advice, It is pointless looking back at what was or what may have been ~
    I did enjoy the cartoon :o) ~ Ally x


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