Aug 8, 2009

American Abundance :o)

I certainly know that I do my share to spread the wealth :o)

My question to you is whether you are one of the rats feasting on the abundance, are you filling the can with waste, and most importantly - are you thankful for what you have?

You know how we feel about recycling and going green, so when I saw this cartoon on my calendar (Thanks Kim & Steve), and with the way our whole economy and behaviors are changing, I felt it said a lot.

Over the last few years, we have certainly been striving to simplify our lives, and we certainly feel very at peace with that.


  1. Rats feasting on the spoils...hmmm. ;)

  2. WOW!!! That cartoon says it ALL!!! It's SOOOO TRUE!! Do you mind if I snag it for personal use??

  3. Great cartoon. We've made alot of changes as well and I feel very good about them. Peace is a nice feeling. :)


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