Aug 20, 2009

Bad Sheeba Poetry - Sigh :o)

I am Sheeba,
Do not let my name fool ya,
I am a he-ba!

As I lay here on my chair,
About to expel a little sigh of air,
I lay claim to my lair.

At Nutwood I am a content Kitty,
Occasionally going on a mouse hunty,
Just don't call me Pretty :o)


  1. I am a he-ba! And a very handsome one.

    HAHAHAHAHA. I think we both love our cats too much.~Mary

  2. Yay! The return of Bad Sheeba Poetry! It always makes me giggle.

  3. Sheeba is obviously related to Natasha.

  4. Ken that really is a very cute Poem ~ I just can't believe that Sheba could possible do anything that is remotely naughty :o) ~ Ally x

  5. How about handsome then....very cute poem and hooray for the pics!

  6. Sheeba is quite talented and very photogenic.


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