Aug 1, 2009

How To Find A Better Bank :o)

Small Banks, Credit Unions and Online Banks are hungry for your business, so they're beating big banks on fees and rates. So, where to go to find the ones that are the hungriest?

Community Banks: Web site of the Independent Community Bankers of America (

Credit Unions: Go to the Web site of the Credit Union National Association (

Online Banks: Start at, which lists the latest interest rates and offers.


  1. I want to find a bank that will pay ME to be a customer. LOL

  2. I'm with Beth Ken I want a bank that pays me for saving with them ~ (A bit more than the meager amount of interest they give me today) but somehow I imagine I will never find one that will :o) ~ Ally x

  3. I haven't found one bank with a good interest rate as of late.

  4. Hi Ken,
    Anything other than a certain big bank with America in its name is fine by me.

  5. Our credit union stopped allowing check cashing, actually they went cashless since they were robbed so much. LOL. I guess it is a good way to save since you can never access your $$$. (I closed the account.)


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