Sep 3, 2009

What could be cooler than Tupperware ?

As an engineer/scientist, I found this whole situation extremely amusing and dismaying at the same time. Get your Geek On :o)

Most people packing food and drinks for a weekend getaway at the lake can tell the difference between Styrofoam and Tupperware containers.

But Missouri lawmakers can’t, at least based on an embarrassing law they passed earlier this year.
They wanted to ban the use of foam coolers on the state’s waterways, to prevent abandoned ones from polluting lakes and streams. It’s a good idea.

However, legislators instead approved a law that bans hard plastic containers, such as Tupperware.

The results: State lawmakers look inept, the Missouri Water Patrol has a law it rightly says it won’t enforce, and there will be an unfortunate delay of at least a year in outlawing foam coolers.
The problem occurred because lawmakers and their staffs didn't take the time to double-check what they were doing with the proposed ban.

The state wanted to ban coolers made from polystyrene, such as Styrofoam. But it instead nixed containers made from polypropylene.

The mistake was especially disappointing because the government was trying to tell the public how to behave, in this case to protect the environment.

Legislators need to clean up this mess in the 2010 session. Before then, they could brush up on why reusable Tupperware items make perfect sense for picnics on the rivers.


  1. Hahaha! Yes, Tupperware = reusable = GOOD. Styrofoam = goes in the landfill = BAD.

  2. Gah! How dorkeriffic. I'm glad they're not enforcing it.

  3. Idiots. Scary huh?

    be well...

  4. Maybe the legislators wives have had too many styrofoam parties. Polystyrene plastic for left over tuna! Weird people.

  5. Makes me want to have a Tupperware Party- nah..maybe later!

  6. Fools...but why am I not surprised!

  7. Apparently Biology, Chemistry and Reading were not requirements for their positions. Wait...I thought you needed all those to graduate high school? Doesn't say much for these elected officials does it... (Hugs)Indigo

  8. I love my tupperware. I wouldn't think anyone would throw them away like they do styrofoam??

    Yet, my older brother who was a Chemist, always told me that plastic is bad for your health and when you have the option, buy drinks, etc. in glass containers instead. He told me that 30 years ago when plastic first started to merge and replace glass in a lot of products.


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