Sep 8, 2009

Free Burger ???

It seems to be legit, I befriended on Facebook, but they only let you invite three more friends. The total is now up to 102,000+, so jump on the bandwagon and lets get our free burgers (love the Jack Daniels sauce :o)

Casual greasy spoon chain T.G.I. Friday's is so eager to add your e-mail address to its files that it's willing to give away half a million burgers to do it. And Facebook is playing along.

T.G.I. Friday's has announced that if you're willing to "Facebook-friend" its current advertising mascot, a fake Friday's superfan named Woody, it's willing to give you a free meal of either its Jack Daniel's Burger or its Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwich.

The freebie goes to the first 500,000 people who become "Woody"'s friend on Facebook, and eligibility ends on Sept. 30, 2009. You'll have to enter an e-mail address for your burger coupon after you register yourself as a fan.The catch is that the giveaway is contingent upon reaching the goal of half a million entrants. If Woody's page doesn't reach 500,000 fans, no one gets a coupon.

Six days into the promotion/information gathering bonanza, the ad figurehead was barely past 76,000.


  1. Didn't some other burger place have some thing going on where if you de-friended a bunch people you got a free burger? maybe that made people leery a wee

  2. Hmm, I will investigate. Free is good!

  3. Thanks! I'll check that out.

  4. They closed the one down somewhat close to us. We ate there once, it wasn't too bad.


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