Sep 12, 2009

San Francisco Days :o)

This video was posted on Brian Setzer's Facebook Page, and it is awesome. I am very fortunate to have seen both performers live, Chris Isaak in Walnut Creek CA in 1989 and Brian Setzer in Chicago in 2001 (the proposal weekend to my bride :o).

The timing of this was so cool, because we just got the new Chris Isaak CD, Mr. Lucky, and I listened to it on the way home from work last night. It was pretty good, not quite as good as some of his earlier ones, but definitely has four or five songs that are really good.


  1. Such a cool video! Two of my favorites! I've seen Chris twice--once opening for Bonnie Raitt at Deer Creek in Indianapolis, and once on his own at the Vogue, also in Indy. (A very intimate venue--my friend and I were maybe 10 feet from the stage. And he wore that same mirrored suit!)

    I've also seen Brian twice. Once when the Brian Setzer Orchestra opened for Bob Dylan at Notre Dame. The second with you at the Hard Rock in Chicago, with his band 68 Comeback Special. We'll make sure we catch them both again at some point!

  2. I also have to mention...those chicks can't dance for SHIT. LOL

  3. I watched it until those two trash bags came out on stage, and then I turned it off. Before this, all I knew about Chris Issak was "Wicked Game." Now having seen (part of) this video, I'll know never to go see him live. Brian Setzer, however, I would go see at the drop of a hat.


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