Sep 11, 2009

Can You Feel The Burn?

No, this is not an entry about STD’s, not about falling and scraping your knees, not about playing with fire, not about getting stung by a bee, nor about getting “burned” by another or a situation.

No, this is an entry about the feeling you get after a good workout. I know that at times I struggle to make the time for my workouts (that 4:00 AM alarm is a real pisser :o). But during the workout, as you push for that last weight rep, or notch up the pace on the bike or treadmill, you get the endorphin rush of elation, and it is enough to bring you back again (kind of like making that long putt on the golf course, just enough to make you come back again).

I also find that as you go through the day, having the workout in the bag, helps you say no to that donut or tasty treat, and that you walk a little taller, with a hidden swagger in your step because you feel good and positive about the effort you are making.


  1. I was just thinking yesterday that I'm kind of looking forward to getting back into it this winter. It's been a slacker summer for me!

  2. uh..I didn't know you were a Schwarzenegger fan!
    It is a striking picture and and interesting topic! good job !
    Please come by and comment on my blog as well

  3. WOW! Look at that baby face on Arnold! Sadly, I remember those days... I am so ollllllddddd! lol

    be well...

  4. It is addictive. I work out through the winter (my daily farm work in summer is enough!)and find it hard to get back in to the groove but I just think how good I felt mentally & physically and usually that is enough to get me going. I tried the 4 am thing but it didn't work for me, I was much weaker than early evening.


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