Sep 21, 2009

Bucko's Bucks - Do You Own These Stocks?

Details courtesy of The Business Insider.

There are a number of large, well known, companies that are facing the prospect of bankruptcy. While a shame, the economy and/or outdated business models will take their toll.

Below is a list of the companies and in parenthesis, the under-riding reason for their potential demise.

Hertz (debt, low demand)

Textron (low business jet demand)

Sprint/Nextel (bleeding customers, I was one that jumped ship)

Macy's (debt, low sales. Nooooo - come on America, start spending and go to Macy's, I have a blogger friend who is potentially impacted)

Mylan (debt after buying Merck's generics business)

Goodyear (debt, low demand)

CBS (weak advertising, falling license fees, debt)

Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] (debt)

Las Vegas Sands (over expanded, over-leveraged)

Interpublic Group [IPG] (weak advertising, marketing demand)

I am relieved to say that I do not own any of these stocks, and they were not on my potential buy list. One that was on my list was Proctor and Gamble, but after reading about a pending lawsuit regarding denture cream, high zinc content, and copper deficiency (class action potential), I have taken that one off my potential buy list.


  1. I would take a flier on both the Sands and Mylan stock. More for a long term growth, because I think that both will come back strong. Gambling in Vegas NEVER gets old. An economy bounce back will prop up that stock.

    When they get the health care thing straighten out, Mylan will get back on top of things.

    I would 'buy and hold' if I had any money to put in them. That would be my bet!

  2. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the heads-up ... next time I see the Goodyear Blimp flying overhead, I'll run for cover. Afterall, who could blame them under the circumstances for skimping on fuel?

  3. Many of these were a surprise. I'm with Mark--casinos will bounce back.


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