Sep 20, 2009

Low Key :o)

This weekend was pretty low key. There is nothing wrong with that, it helps keep me centered. Yesterday was catching up on bills, e-mails, and other such mundane things. Then it was the ND game, which ND squeaked out a victory over Michigan State (kind of sorry Mark :o).

Today, it was a quick trip to Lowes to get some wood to keep the mower from getting bogged down in the marsh. I mowed the lawn, then spent a couple of hours installing the 4"x6"x8' in the low areas. Those suckers are heavy, and expensive, $10 a piece. I did three areas (six boards). I did a test run and it looks like it will definitely help me from getting stuck in the mud.

Currently watching Da Bears, but they are not looking like a caliber team this year. Not even a single first down in the first quarter. But they just intercepted the Steelers, and got their first first down, so there may be a chance.

It was interesting to read in the paper this morning that actor Windell Middlebrooks was here yesterday for the ND vs. Michigan State game. He visited a number of establishments and stated that they were definitely "Living the High Life". That's what I'm talking about :o)
We were going to BBQ some steaks, but there is a chance of rain, so we are going to do some fish. The Chardonnay in chilling, and so am I. Hope you had a rest full weekend, I know I did.


  1. Sometimes low key is good!

  2. As I work backwards, ND needed that game desperately. I don't think they'd have recovered had they lost.

    The State QB took the blame, saying he never should have made that throw. He stepped up and owned that, which is one of the things that make the cats who play for them now, and their BBall team a breath of fresh air.

    It didn't rain too much here, so I hope the rain didn't spoil your weekend either!


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