Sep 2, 2009

Show Your Colors :o)

Did you know that September 4th is College Colors Day?

In Friday I will be wearing my Fighting Illini polo shirt to work, how about you - what are your college colors and are you going to wear them Friday?

On Saturday, it will be Gold, the color of the 2009 Notre Dame "game-day" shirt :o)


  1. I have absolutely no idea what my college colours were.

  2. the first collegiate game i ever went to was to go see the fightung illini play some hoops with my great aunt and uncle.

    i will wear my wayne state sweatshirt with warrior pride!


  3. I think our college colors were purple and gold. I am not sure I even own a stitch of purple. lol Maybe I'll wear a Titans shirt instead. ha.

  4. Ball State Cardinals, red and white! Might have to wear my Ball State tank top that day while I'm tidying up around our place!


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