Sep 27, 2009

Kind of a quiet day today. I made the mistake of falling asleep last night sitting up at the dining room table, and have been fighting headaches all day.

We turned on the TV to watch Tiger and company play in the PGA Tournament Championship. Phil played a good round and won the tourney, but Tiger won the Fed Ex Cup. He did not play bad, but not up to his standards by any means.

Tonight is watching the Colts, and then back to another week. This will be a fast week though, we are going to Granite City Mug Club tomorrow, Robin Williams on Thursday, and a ND Home Game on Saturday.

Hope your weekend was pleasant and restful :o)


  1. That's a busy week for us. LOL Fun stuff, though!

  2. Hi Ken,
    Granite City Mug Club ... I sure like the sound of that!


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