Sep 11, 2009

Joe Six Pack?

Recycling a six-pack of aluminum cans every week saves enough energy to power a TV for 936 hours? The recycling process uses about 75% less energy than using materials for the first time. Recycled aluminum is used in new cars, bikes, appliances and cookware.

I am happy to say that we save thousands of hours of TV power every week :o)


  1. It bothers me now when I see people NOT recycling!

  2. I don't buy any beverages in cans thank goodness! I don't drink sodas or beer.

    I think perhaps I only buy one item that comes in a can and that is canned tomatoes to make my Sunday gravy!

    I do believe in recycling.

  3. thanks for this! recycling is so important!
    please come by and comment about three heroes and victims I've researched at my blog thanks!


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