Sep 25, 2009

Faux Mold :o)

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I have been brown bagging it since 1984, mostly because I just could not afford to spend $5 or more per day for lunch. Over the past year, as we have learned to be more health conscious, I have been taking at least three servings of fruits/vegetables. I use a small lunch cooler and freezer pack, so the refrigerator thing is not an issue for me, but this faux mold just was to good to pass up :o) By the way wifey, thanks for making my daily lunch and including your daily notes (LUHP).

Eating out for lunch instead of brown-bagging it can cost three times as much, so eating out for 50 work weeks a year can add up fast. If you don't believe it, add it up with a lunch cost calculator.

But leaving your lunch in a refrigerator at work can sometimes lead to thievery, leaving you without a lunch and $5 or more to go buy something.

To combat sandwich thieves, designer Sherwood Forlee has come up with the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag. The clear sandwich bags have green splotches printed on both sides, simulating mold and making your fresh lunch look spoiled.

While sticky-fingered co-workers, roommates or bullies who take your kid's lunch will think twice before stealing the moldy looking sandwich, there's also the chance that they or someone else will throw the messy looking sandwich in the garbage. I guess that's the chance you take to prevent crime.

The faux-moldy bags sell for $10 for 25 bags, and they're reusable. If you don't reuse them, it equates to 40 cents a bag to keep your lunch safe -- not a bad price to keep a hungry thief away from your sandwich.


  1. And I thought I was a lunch Nazi. I'd love to have lunch with the person who came up with this idea. That would a fascinating lunch indeed.

  2. That's nothing less than BRILLIANT! Very realistic, too. Seems like another form is in order: a reusable, plastic piece of faux mold to stick on top of food in a carryout container. :)

  3. LOL that is so cool. I have a small fridge in my room. and I am mostly a soup luncher. But that is so great. It reminded me of a post that I read that in Japan their is this anti crime trend for people to buy this camouflage devices to look like soda machines if they feel they are been follow, or T-shirts with signs of gang members for elementary school kids not to be harass. It is getting to be that way man. Over population and bad economy is causing a lot of rethinking and planing ahead.

  4. Hi Ken,
    Genius, pure Genius. I hope someone makes a fortune with this idea.


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