Sep 11, 2009

Happy Weekend :o)

Quiet night tonight. Beth went to Chicago today for a Cubs game with her sisters and BIL Tom (he is a great guy). They are not home yet, hence the quietness. It is kind of weird not having her here to greet me when I walk in the door.

My plan was to get out early from work, and run some errands. I was partially successful, did get out after a 9-1/2 hour day, but I had only planned on an 8 hour day today. I was able to get my errands done, consisting of work candy, another mirror for the garage (workout area), and 14 bags of water softener salt (seven for the truck and two for each Mustang for winter preps, the rest for the softener).

On the down side, the work day ended with a group meeting with our VP, and his statement was "I always tell you if this is a coaching session or an ass chewing, and This Is An Ass Chewing." Not a good way to end the day, and the next week or two will be challenging. Not worth going into details here, every job has its challenges.

Needless to say, I feel wiped and am definitely ready for the weekend. Tomorrow will be low keyed, doing things around the house, then watching the Irish successfully take on Michigan. On Sunday we are going to a local Nature Conservancy location for a private guided tour, and then Sunday night it is "DA BEARS".

Hope you have a great weekend planned, I know that the weather is expected to be great here.


  1. I'm sorry the week ended on such a bad note. It should be a fun and relaxing weekend, so onward and upward!

  2. Definitely not a good way to end the week. Hopefully a great weekend with Beth will put everything back into prospective. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I am sorry about work, and then Beth not being there to cheer you up... but she returned soon and I bet all was right with the world!

    be well...

  4. uh-oh, that is not a good way to end the week and even worse having to look forward to going back to that.


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