Sep 26, 2009

Productive Half, Now To Be Lazy :o)

Hard to believe it is only 3:30 PM. We slept in (well I did anyway) until 9:00 AM, had my spot-o-coffee and read the paper, then it was off on errands.

Today was drop Blue (the truck) off for some well deserved service (should be back Monday or Tuesday), got a few hairs cut, and then to the dreaded Walmart for some necessities.

After we got back, and got our new Pedometers (my company has a new wellness program getting ready to start that requires you to quantify your activity :o) programmed, it was off to the garage for me. Wish it was something more fun than cleaning the gutters and installing gutter guards, but that was my chore for the day. It was a four beer job, but the gutters are cleaned and covered. I did the house gutters last year, so I should be done with gutter cleaning for a while, the covers seem to do the trick.

Hope your Saturday is relaxing and going well. We are watching golf, getting ready to watch some college football, and tonight is finger food and the Fighting Irish :o)


  1. At least you are out of the gutter for now! Enjoy your evening-

  2. Oh, we're always in the gutter, Dannelle. LOL

    T'anks honey, for doing the garage gutters! Go Irish!

  3. Such a productive day, I feel like a sloth in comparison. I spent all day trying to figure out how to avoid doing any of the tasks that I needed to do.

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