Sep 5, 2009

Notre Dame Rocked the House :o)

We started the day by heading to White Field for a little tail gate action (note to self, bring more beer next time :o). We got there just before 11:00 AM, and had a really nice time chatting. Here is a picture of Beth, her Dad, and Big Blue.

We were able to hook up with Shane (sorry you had to work today), and shortly after that, new friend Doug came - glad we could meet him.

Then we took the shuttle to the library (that is where Touchdown Jesus is), and had a short walk to the stadium, and then a bit longer to actually get to our gate. It was worth the extra little walk, because we had this view from our seats.

It was really cool that this was the first ND game for Cousin Shane, and equally cool that this was the second game we were able to take Dad to :o)

This was the view we had from our seats that were kind of high up, about even with the goal post. This was the opening drive by the Irish, and they were able to convert for a touchdown. It was really awesome. The atmosphere is something you need to experience if you have never been to a college game (I know I experienced it for four years at Illinois, and home game day is special). We love having the opportunity to go to ND games, and are looking forward to the other two games we get to go to this year.

By the way, the Irish had their first shutout in quite a while, winning 35-0.


For more details, go to Nutwood Junction :o)


  1. Thanks for a great day, and thanks Irish, for a great win!

  2. I've been to pro games but never a college game. They really do look exciting with the team spirit and all. Glad you had such a good day.

  3. thanks for taking me to the game! it was really awesome to experience a notre dame game in person! and i'm glad my first one was a winner!


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