Sep 19, 2009

Life is a journey :o)

At times we are paddling along with the current, making minor adjustments, enjoying the scenery. At other times, we are using every ounce of our beings to paddle against the current, fighting inch by inch to make up ground, oblivious to anything but the effort that is before us.

I find that as I get older, and hopefully wiser, I desire to be the person designing the course, instead of the one holding the paddle. You see, if you design the course, then you know where the sweet spots are, how to navigate through the course with minimal effort.

So, are you going with the current, enjoying the scenery? Are you paddling up stream, fighting with every ounce? Or are you taking a look at the big picture, designing the course, and navigating smartly through and getting the best time?


  1. Interesting point, because usually the designers don't bother navigating the stream, they build it then charge the little guy a fortune to use it, including the paddle itself. I know this is all analogy but you get it. Either they hoard it away for personal use, or rent it out at too high a price. Life's waters are sometimes rough but all times free. Some would have it differently, that's why we need to be vigilant I'd say.

  2. As for making the best time, I think in life the race doesn't go to the swiftest but the smartest, since we really only race against ourselves - is today going to be as productive as yesterday? Or are the waters a bit too rough after last night's storm? And even if they are, we have to plow ahead anyway so might as well be the best we can, regardless of the other guy in the next canoe with the better oars! lol. Nice post!

  3. Nice analogy. Sometimes you have to go with the flow to save your strength for when you really need it. As you like to say, "Pick your battles."

  4. I'm usually stuck out in the middle of the river being sucked down with the current 'round the beds, over the rocks, back floating though the calm sections......but, I always remain in the middle of my river.


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